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  • Shortlisted for the 2018 Rakuten Kobo Emerging Writer Prize

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  • A mystery, a scam, a prison escape, a love story, a philosophical debate ...

    Meet Pango Brown, loving husband, father of two, and as decent a person as you could wish to meet. He's also a convict, sentenced for manslaughter. He freely admits his guilt and remorse. The mystery is "what did he do?" Pango won't talk about it.

    Inmates and prison staff in Pango's story include Zabriski, the guard who spits in the inmates' soup; Jeb, a thug with a hair-trigger temper; Low Dog, who starts a race riot in a prison remedial high school class; Hiero, the innocent, convicted as a terrorist; Mrs. Haverman, who runs the prison library; her daughter, Julia; and Cory, convict master forger and confidence trickster. It's Cory who manipulates both guards, inmates and the warden into forming a twelve man prison choir - for reasons that have nothing to do with music. When Pango is released, he hitch-hikes out of the Deep South, bound for home in Maine. The Good Samaritan who gives Pango a ride uncovers layer after layer to Pango's story: justice, injustice, prison, escape, love. Most of all he is gripped by the growing mystery: what is it that Pango did?

    Inspired by actual events that made legal history.

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  • What The Readers Write:

    ... Staadecker is a modern day Steinbeck ...

    ... the characters climbed into my head and invaded my every waking moment ...

    ... what a wild ride ... at times darkly humorous, at times bleakly tragic ...

    ... a book on many, many levels; behind the most evident level of mystery, prison escapes and love story I think Staadecker is very subtly debating two contrasting philosophies ... the philosophy of the classic Greek tragedian vs. the much older philosophy of Jainism ...

    ... great choral music. Would love to see and HEAR this as a movie or play ...

    .... read this in a single sitting. What a wonderful, wonderful read. I went to bed at 2am sobbing ...

    ....enjoyed this book immensely. It could have been a follow up of Shawshank Redemption... There are many clues to how this gentle man ended up in this place, yet the resolution is still a shock. You will have trouble putting the book down ...

    ... beautiful writing. I just had to keep on reading to discover more of Pango's story ...

    ... a great read! Funny, sad, lovely ....

    ... I LOVED it. It was one of the books that I don't want to end so I read it slowly (even though you could read in one sitting). I wanted to soak in the words and have them roll around in my head so I could squeeze every bit out of the story...

    ... It's funny, clever, touching, unpredictable ... getting copies for all of my book club ...

    ... I loved this book ...

    ... I literally did not put the book down until I had finished the last page, and was both saddened and delighted to have got to the end. A wonderful piece of storytelling! It is a book I'll not forget. I haven't been able to look at people in quite the same way since - I'm always wondering what their story might be ...

    ... wonderful story teller. The language is sparing, but so direct and engaging. ... a gem in detail, probability, humour and character ... What a joy!

  • Tags: mystery, prison, escape, love story, based on historical fact, justice, legal history, precedent setting, humour, humor, tragedy, injustice, EJI, Equal Justice Initiative, The National Registry of Exonerations, seafaring, sailor




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  • Adventure, humour, sci-fi, the ecology of a future world ... a marvelous read for all ages 13 to 113

    After three eco-catastrophes, the world has reverted to a feudal, agricultural society. Led by a sadistic Duke and some very strange cults ... The Monks of St. Bacchan brew a wine with famously unpredictable effects. The Monks of St. Ephebius enlighten the world to the opposing powers of dark and light. By smacking randomly chosen strangers and then giving them rich gifts. The Monks of Han-Bu want to destroy the world. The Tectonic Monks want to save it. Don't even ask about the Great Green Lettuce Gods.

    Nyx thinks she's escaped the Duke's vengeance. She's wrong. Sal thinks he's escaped an assassination attempt. But now he's on a journey that will probably kill him anyway, accompanying a physician with a violent past.

    To quote Svalbaard, the monk, "It's all fun and games until some poor soul loses an ‘I’".


  • What The Readers Write:

    ... fantastic ...

    ... I love all the various elements that Staadecker weaves together, ecology, adventure, humour, ingenious inventions, science fiction and characters who are so likeable ...

    ... I'm blown away...

    ... a fabulous book ...

    ... Staadecker is a marvel ...

    ... your story gave me the same pleasure that I experienced as a young child reading an utterly absorbing story. So thank you for that wonderful nostalgia ...

    ... I didn't want it to end ...

    ... reminiscent of Neil Gaiman's storytelling ...

    ... a book I will read many times and get more details and insight with each read ...

    ...I LOVED this book! ... incredibly difficult to put down ...

    ... I want more ...

    ... a mix of adventure, humour and sci-fi that's rich in baroque asides on history, sociology, natural history, medicine and ecology ... a great read for both teens AND adults ...

  • Tags: adventure, comedey, future, cults, religions, gods, escape, assassination, assassins, resistance, underground, rebellion, eco-catastrophe, science, ecology, lynx, caracal, wine, moths, science fiction, sci-fi, mutations, mutants, mutate, oracles, dragons, volcanos, volcanic winters, feudalism, agricultural societies, chaos, chaos theory, fractals, theories of disease, archery, draft horses, bad puns, horses, riders, monks, monasteries



  • Coming Soon! Approx. release date: March 2019. Stay tuned!



  • Nominated for the 2018 Leacock Medal!
    Past winners include: Mordecai Richler, Robertson Davies, Farley Mowett, W.O. Mitchell etc.

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  • For children aged 6 to 10 years.

    The younger ones will want someone to read them the story. The older ones will read it themselves.

  • This is the story of Hannibal Jones, the world's worst poet. It's the story of what happens when his tame dragon turns bad. Memorable characters include "Young" Betty Marchmere (she's seventy-five) who thinks her donkey is a horse, and Inky Jake who thinks you can kill dragons with silver arrows (he's wrong). It's also the story of the young prince and princess, Gaelen and Ket, who are caught up in the chaos of the dragon gone wild. Oh, did I mention Max - one of the last dragonhounds in Bandon-Regis?


  • What The Readers Write:

    Sweet read. Such a cute book even for an adult. And a surprise ending :)

    I couldn't put it down - my older brother put glue on the back cover. Ha, ha, ha. But it was fun.

    It's sweet, laugh-out-loud funny, and well crafted.

    I love the humor, drama, voice, imagery. I'm a fan. I want it for my grandson!

    The humor stood out for me. The inventive names of the world of Bandon-Regis are out of this world. The plot and pacing is good for a range of young children.

    I tested out this book on my 3 year old, 6 year old and 10 year old grandchildren. The 3 year old lasted 1 page and slammed it shut because there were not enough pictures. My 6 year old and 10 year old loved it, as did I. It is a book that is funny, punny, quirky and entertaining on many levels. It has positive role models as well as a being a quick read. Enjoy!

    Absolutely charming!!

    We loved "Just One More Page". It was laugh-out-loud funny! The boys (aged 7 and 9) listened with rapt attention, loving the sense of humour and play on words. We took the opportunity to pull out a dictionary a few times, to practice looking words up. The advanced vocabulary was a nice change from the more common children's books.

    My son (age 7) couldn't wait to get to bed to read another chapter of this book. We are now in the process of reading to our younger children, and the writing allows both adults and kids to enjoy this book thoroughly!

  • Tags: children's fantasy, dragon, kingdom, king, queen, prince, princess, action, adventure, comedy, humour, humor, dragon-hound, goshawk, sword, shield


Peter's first book, "The Twelve Man Bilbo Choir", was shortlisted for the 2018 Kobo Emerging Writer Prize. His children's book, "Just One More Page", was nominated for the Leacock Medal.

In addition to the above books, he has written on kayaking and sailing for Toronto's largest daily newspaper, The Toronto Star. He has at various times in life been a keen backpacker, scuba diver, cross-country skier, sailor and photographer. A sampling of his photographs may be found in his web gallery. His occasional web musings on writing , photography and other topics may be found in his web blog. You can also follow his writing on FaceBook.

Peter was born in South Africa and lives in Canada with his family.

Peter Staadecker


At the end of a month-long "giveaway" competition, Goodreads.com gave away 50 Kindle copies of "Dropping Into Darkness" to members in the US. Goodreads announced the winners on April 19, 2018. The competition has now ended. Sincere regrets to readers outside of the US, at the time Goodreads was not able to run this competitions beyond the US. Maybe at some future date this will be possible ...

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The 2017 "Spread the Word about Peter's Books" competition has now ended. The prize of a very, very fine bottle of champagne goes to fan and reader A.P. of Montreal, Canada. She persuaded her book club to read "The Twelve Man Bilbo Choir". The book club loved it and invited Peter to visit and discuss the historical background with the members. A wonderful evening for all. Sincere thanks to A.P. and all the other readers who are helping to spread the word.

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